Sonsino Turcan Construction

Parfett Street

This early 19th century 4 storey building is arranged over lower ground to second floor with a mansard type roof arrangement hidden behind a parapet to the street front. The property is Grade II listed.

Works included the demolition of an internal wall and partitions at lower ground level and creation of an open plan kitchen dining space with new WC in the vault to the front of the building. A glass-box extension to the garden side brings in more natural light and creates some additional living space. On the upper floors the changes are modest. The principal change is removal of a modern stair and loft platform to open up the top floor rooms to the volume of the roof.

The house was comprehensively re-wired and re-plumbed.

Front living room

New kitchen joinery

New kitchen joinery

New access doors to front lightwell

Glazed rear extension

Entrance hallway

Loft WC