Sonsino Turcan Construction

Gledhow Gardens

We had to achieve a very high level of sound insulation so an acoustic consultant was appointed and designed a comprehensive sound defence system:

Triple layered soundproofing including in-between joists sound insulation, acoustic strips on every joist and then floating insulated panel before any finishes.

Furthermore, due to reconfiguring the layout, by removing some partitions, we had to achieve fire separation from the kitchen to the Flat’s entrance.

Initially we considered fire sprinklers or fire mist suppression, but we had to value engineer and finally we agreed to a fire curtain solution. The trickiest part was to incorporate the bulky box into our design and disguise it as much as possible.

This was incorporated into the design as a part of a wooden feature divider.

The ceilings had to have improved fire proofing. Building Control initially proposed a second layer of fire plasterboards, however to keep costs down and not lose any height we found a solution called Thermoguard Wallcoat which is a type of intumescent paint offering an extra 60mins of fire resistance.

Finally, we had a 4m+ tall shower screen in the main bathroom which is an exciting feature and was logistically challenging to manoeuvre and install.

View of living room

Kitchen detail

Dining room

Wardrobe detail

Bathroom detail

Bedroom joinery

New kitchen