Sonsino Turcan Construction

Kemplay Road

Located in Hampstead the property lies within the Camden Conservation Area. This mid-terraced Victorian property is set over five storeys including an attic and lower ground floor. 

The main aim of the project was to restore a sense of rationale and connection between the ground and lower floor of the property and provide the owners with spaces that respond to their individual and family needs. A key component in the connection of spaces was the introduction of a new metal and timber feature staircase with a 4.6m high window to the garden which provided an attractive and light filled connection between floors.

The relocation of the kitchen from ground to lower ground floor benefited both levels allowing for a large open plan space with dinning and seating to the lower level while providing additional family space above. Refurbishment and remodelling works applied to the interior of the house also allowed for reinstatement of period features and original characteristics of the building including fireplaces to the ground floor and creation of more intimate seating areas at this level. 

The front street elevation largely retained its existing characteristics but was enhanced through the introduction of tiered planting and a 19th century style metalwork. Landscaping to the rear accommodated exterior access and further connection between ground and lower ground levels with stepped and tiered planting and areas for external dining.

Bespoke metal stair

View from garden

New bespoke timber and steel stair

View form top of bespoke stair

Stair handrail detail

New bespoke kitchen

Bespoke kitchen and storage joinery

View to living room